Novel Express Tasty Foods.

Novel Express Tasty Foods.
Novel Express Tasty Foods.


We dreamt, planned, reviewed and now it is time to execute.

Here you will find places to read about what we are offering and the big opportunities opened to you just by this!

There are also parts of this site that you may not be able to access except you are a registered distributor. (Find the IPES BACKOFFICE under SECTIONS.) That is where you should strive to be!

For quick browse through, you can review how IPES works, how to register and other modalities. Also not forgetting about us, we assume you would like to meet us and our products too. You can also go ahead and review our contact page and reach us through any of the medium suitable for you.

Oh! and we have SHOCKING FACTS SHEET compiled to help you know. You will not find it anywhere else on this site. Click the name to see them.

It is time to expand, to take another step, breathe a new air, add a feather to your cap, write a new story. 

We are extending an open hand. Take it! Share!