Novel Express Tasty Foods.

Novel Express Tasty Foods.
Novel Express Tasty Foods.


This information is not only to blab about who we are and what we do but more importantly, for you to have the words and substance to share with your own customers especially in the area of our product details. Knowledge they say is power, but it only comes by seeking and sharing. 
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The Company

Novel Express Tasty Foods is a passionate, long sighted company with the drive to industrially process and detribalize Nigerian foods that are tribal based yet highly nutritious to the human body. The attempt is to retain greater portion of the healthy natural nutrients of these foods without chemicals or preservatives as well as give a decent instant meal advantage.

Our Mission Statement is to provide accessibility to various Nigerian food varieties irrespective of the location of our desiring customers making it a truly home-away-from-home experience.

Our Vision Statement is to become one of the top internationally accepted food processing company spearheading an undeniable consistency to the original texture and nutrients of Nigerian foodstuffs.

Our Pioneer Product is named ‘D-Amala’, an enriched processing of various yam tubers into brown yam flour packaged for convenience and ease of mobility. 

Our innovation lies in the availability of this poorly circulated food in affordable packs, healthy choice blend and tantalizing texture. It is targeted at the traditional eaters (Yorubas) and non-Yorubas in the western parts who would like to pay more attention to eating healthy as well as to those who have never heard or had the opportunity to try it nationwide.

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