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Novel Express Tasty Foods.
Novel Express Tasty Foods.

Our Product: D-Amala

Our business seeks to provide access to commendable foodstuff that are rather poorly circulated or are with high-demand-low supply in affordable and durable packaging. Then, we throw in a bit of innovation without messing drastically with the natural compositions and viola! we land you a product that sells itself after your first effort at introductions.

Our Pioneer product is named D-Amala Brown Yam Flour. An all round product that beats trends. Let's see why.


Our product is wrapped around a few innovations. Lets take a tour round some of them.

The Combo.

D-Amala is made from three separate tubers traditionally usable in making variations of 'amala' as a staple food. These are white yam, water yam and cassava.

Benefit 1:

Amazingly, you had expect that such a combo will be the den of killer starch and high carbohydrate contents but a big NO. Ours is so far from that.
Because we take very critical care of our processing and quality of tubers, we are able to come up with a mixture that is commendably so low starched, that a diabetic can eat with peace of mind.

Benefit 2:

None of the three tubers individually can produce the features of our D-Amala brand because of the unique combo!
Our D-Amala when reconsituted into amala, is super smooth, warm brown colored not black, smells okay, well textured with good on the molding hands and excitedly swells more than twice the size! Even a person seeing the prepared meal for the first time can't take his mind off until he tastes it. How awesome!

Benefit 3

All feathers are not given to just the physical attributes. The nutritional values are mind blowing too! Here are some of the nutrients in our product:

  =  Iron which helps the body produce oxygen carrying proteins- hemoglobins (found in red blood cells) and myoglobin (in muscles).
=  Vitamin B1 (also called Thiamine) known for boosting the immune system, poor appetite, ongoing diarrhea, diabetic pain, heart diseases, alcoholism, vision problems, aging, a type of brain damage called cerebellar syndrome etc.
Vitamin B2 (also called Riboflavin) helps in preventing cervical cancer, migraine headache, acne, burning feet syndrome, red blood cell aplasia, eye conditions like eye fatigue, cataracts and glaucoma etc.
Vitamin B3 (also known as Niacin) lowers cardiovascular risks, improves cholesterol levels, reduces atherosclerosis etc.
Our Vitamin A retinol fortification ensures that our product also supports growth, reproduction and vision.
=  The product, though with a light feel, gives a high energy value which means that it can add strength to your tiring body without having to eat too much carbohydrates.

  • Benefit 4

The no chemical or preservative nature of our product beats the price. Business partners such as distributors, resellers and reusers can maximize profitability from our impressive product quality and pricing without tasking their own target customers.
Find more details on the product packaging. How better can it get?

Other Features and Benefits
1.The product comes in 720g and 2.1kg entry level packs.
2. We are CAC, NAFDAC approved and trademarked, so your newly found love (our product) is protected. We are already undergoing our SON certification too.
3.  How to prepare is super easy; Place water on fire, make steaming hot, drop down, pour in the flour and turn till its a bit harder than you would want, place it back on stove, partition with your turning stick and add some water (enough to soften as you would want), cover to simmer for a minute or two. Turn it on stove and if you like, turn a few more times when you bring it down. Your amala don land be that o! 
Description is also on the product packaging. 

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