Novel Express Tasty Foods.

Novel Express Tasty Foods.
Novel Express Tasty Foods.

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About Product

What is the name of your product?
D-Amala yam flour
How many pack sizes do you have and what are they?
We have two (2) pack sizes for now namely Mini pack containing 720g of flour and Regular pack containing 2.1kg of flour. We are looking into bigger and smaller variants to cover the gaps.
How much is your product in the market?
The recommended market price for Mini pack is N900 and for Regular pack is N2,000. However, there may be slightly higher prices for some sellers due to other incurred cost.
How many makes up a carton?
We call it 'bags' not cartons because that is what we use. The Mini pack contains 16 pieces, the Regular pack contains 8 pieces.
How is it eaten?
You make it like you make most staple (swallows) foods in Nigeria. The step by step guide is on the product packaging, also on No 4, down this page. Click here.
What soup can it be eaten with.
Any soup of your choice. There are no limitations.
Do You Have Any Other Product?
Yes. Plantain Flour. But we are working on product availability.