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Novel Express Tasty Foods.
Novel Express Tasty Foods.


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About IPES

What does IPES means?
Inter-State Product Expansion Scheme
Who can partake in IPES?
Everyone above 18 years who is already in the business of buying and distributing food related products or individuals who are just starting out in such a business. Direct sellers are also welcomed to join but we just prefer those who buy to sell to those who would sell further down the chain.
How much do I need to start?
With less than N50,000, you can purchase enough goods to start you on this journey. Please visit the Pricing page for more.
Do I pay before product delivery?
Yes you do. Two days before dispatch. See more here.
How much do I make as profit.
We have taken time to break it down for you depending on the category of purchase and pack size. Please send us a mail for the pdf file.
I live in a farther state than your location, how do I get my goods?
You can either come and pickup at our factory or request that we help you ship it out. Reach us for more.
Do I pay for shipping goods to my state?
Yes, If you are not coming to pickup yourself. However, you will determine your preferred shipping if you want us to help send them.
Do I pay for anything apart from the purchases?
No, except for shipping which you decide type and amount.
Why can't I see anything about my transaction management here?
That is because there is a back office dedicated for that. It is only accessible by registered distributors and every of their needs are met there. If you are already registered, click here to access it.