Novel Express Tasty Foods.

Novel Express Tasty Foods.
Novel Express Tasty Foods.


Yes, shocking!

Considering that you may never have known at least one fact in here. More will be added as we discover them.


   Brown yam flour is the most suitable yam-based product for diabetics and equally preferably for non-diabetics because it is said to have a low post-prandial glycaemic level when compared to other yam preparations (Research document available here)

  The mix of three choice tubers in a predetermined format gives us a standalone platform even among peers especially in the area of its nutritional composition.

This same D-Amala can be used as the first solid meal (swallow) that you introduce to babies. It is the same one an active adult eats and a reliever for the elderly. 
ONE PRODUCT CUTS ACROSS EVERYONE! That is a good telltale sign that it is really safe and natural.

  It is a suitable diet for diabetic people because it converts to sugar very slowly.

   Yam Peels are roughage. Over 80% of it is just roughage and the rest fiber. Roughage simply means rubbish, garbage except it doesn't harm on face value. When you eat it, your body works 100% to process only usable substance of less than 20% and the rest just passes out without any further value. You put your body through a process that is a waste of energy, time and reserve nutrients. No wonder, it is preferred an animal food. This is why we decided not to add peels to our production, our yams also contain the needed fibers for your body, except that this time, your body works 100% to process food that has 100% nutrients for you. Deep traditional eaters should take note!